Introducing “David Walbert Hand Tool Woodworking”

I have a history (too embarrassing to repeat here) of inventing clever names for projects that go nowhere. But when I decided to apply for a couple of craft markets and started sketching out ideas for signage, I just doodled my name and a blunt description of what I do. And it seemed to be enough.

After a few more sketches I produced a more careful drawing…

original drawing of my logo

…and then happened across a font that was awfully close to my hand lettering, and decided to make a fully digital version instead.

business logo

(If you look very closely, you may see that the handsaw is a Disston. In fact it is a Disston crosscut saw that I restored a couple of years ago, with the handle I made for it, redrawn as line art. The leaf flourishes below the text echo the traditional carving on a saw handle. That is for you antique tool nerds.)

I even have business cards and made a little box that doubles as a display tray:

business card display box

So it sure looks like I have a real live business.

More to come.

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